The huge amount of data might be of any kind Digital/video/voice/Picture etc. often needs to be stored and retrieved as per our requirements. This data is the actual asset for any company. Storage and retrieval of such data whenever required is the most important process for any business.

Archiving such data need a lot of expertise and technical know how

We at Right Technologies offer a wide range of Storage and Archiving services.

We specialize in managing data integrity, authenticity and confidentiality by implementing risk management policies, analyzing potential threats to a system well in advance.

Solutions Offered

  • Storage Consolidation – reduce cost, increase manageability and utilization efficiencies by consolidating your storage platforms.
  • Storage Tiering – ensure data is in the most cost effective locations and is simple to manage and provision.
  • Storage Virtualization – increase agility and provide flexibility of provisioning; enable global name space; enable storage independence allowing migration to any storage platform.
  • Data Deduplication – increase the efficiency and reliability of backup and restore; decreases the space required for virtual machines and unstructured data.
  • Storage Capacity Management – analyze current storage usage and trends and plans for future storage needs.
  • Data Archiving – archive data based on retention requirements and accessibility.
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